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Here are a collection of my thoughts on all aspects of communication. These are informed to a considerable degree by my years spent working in corporate communications, marketing and internal communication.

They also draw on current news, research and everyday experience to provide perspectives on the issues affecting those working in communications and related fields. And they reflect my fascination with organisational behaviour and psychology in general.

I'd love to hear your thoughts and comments.

The forgotten aspect of employee engagement

People often talk about positive outcomes associated with strong employee engagement – including higher levels of productivity, quality and customer service and lower levels of staff sickness and turnover. However, there’s one aspect that is often overlooked. If you’re engaging staff successfully – and encouraging two-way communication – you’ll get more useful feedback to help run…
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Employee engagement and stress

The links between levels of employee engagement and stress Mental Health Week this month got me thinking about stress in the workplace and generally what can compromise psychological well-being at work. Recent research This coincided with me reading the recently published Exploring Internal Communication (3rd edition), which discusses a number of research studies showing a correlation between higher levels of…
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Treating everyone as equal can be a recipe for disaster – leadership lessons

Treating everyone as equal can be a recipe for disaster – lessons for leadership An ‘equality bias’ that leads people to give the same weight to the opinions of others, regardless of whether they are experts “damages” groups, according to a recent study. Scientists have found that men give too much influence to colleagues with bad…
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Leaders: Good external comms does not equal good internal comms

Leaders: Good external comms does not equal good internal comms Some senior leaders are great at getting their message over to the outside world. I had a boss once who was completely un-phased by taking part in media interviews and no topic seemed to flummox him. The listener was invariably left feeling positive towards him,…
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