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Here are a collection of my thoughts on all aspects of communication. These are informed to a considerable degree by my years spent working in corporate communications, marketing and internal communication.

They also draw on current news, research and everyday experience to provide perspectives on the issues affecting those working in communications and related fields. And they reflect my fascination with organisational behaviour and psychology in general.

I'd love to hear your thoughts and comments.

Writing signposting for better reader experience

When writing for marketing, public relations or internal communication, it’s vital to be able to keep your reader’s attention while you get your main points across. If people can’t work out where a piece of text is headed, they’re likely to lose interest very quickly. [caption id="" align="alignright" width="150"] Effective signposting in writing is important[/caption]…
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Does the picture tell the story?

Does the picture tell the story? Rachel Miller recently wrote an excellent article urging people not to use stock photography for internal communication. I'd like to continue that theme with the thought that caution and good judgement is also needed in their use for external communication. Stock pictures can sometimes look a bit 'hammy' and this…
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Getting research to really work for you

Getting research to really work for you My views on research have been formed by a number of very specific career experiences, ranging from developing and implementing research programmes as part of a marketing plan; undertaking research to gain views and perspectives of an internal audience; carrying out a communications programme and campaigns based around…
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