Digital Marketing Services

The rise of digital marketing and communication in recent years has brought many new opportunities for organisations – including new ways of reaching their audience; maximising effectiveness while keeping expenditure down; and providing more control in terms of where, when and how you can communicate.

Park Communications can help you take full advantage of these opportunities and integrate your activities, providing support with website management, content marketing and social media plans.

Website examples

  • Managed website re-design, resulting in an award from the Trade Association Forum; monthly hits rose from 38,000 to 80,000 over the course of a year.
  • Prepared the functionality specification for a professional institute website.
  • Sourced suitable suppliers for a website design, taking into account budget and specific requirements.
  • Numerous pieces of copy for a variety of websites.
  • Ongoing updating and monitoring activities, and production of new material.

Content Marketing examples

  • Developing content plans, themes and schedules, in line with organisational objectives.
  • Writing content.
  • Sourcing and liaising with contributors.
  • Sourcing photos to support content.
  • Sourcing and developing images to support content.

Social Media examples

  • Developing a social media plan for a professional institute.
  • Setting up organisational social media channels e.g. Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest.
  • Managing advertising/sponsored updates to maximise reach of posts.
  • Monitoring results.
  • Set up a LinkedIn company page for an organisation to tie in with its specific objectives and audience. The number of followers has grown quickly and it has played an important role in helping to get the word out about products and services in an engaging rather than aggressively salesy way.

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