Internal Communication

Internal Communication

Internal Communication Management

In recent years there has been increasing awareness of the importance of effective internal communication in engaging employees and ensuring they are motivated to work in full support of their organisation’s business objectives. Focusing on internal comms is not just a good thing to do, it’s essential for sustainable business success.

As well as experience with a range of clients, Park Communications has spent a number of years working on communications projects for the Institute of Internal Communication which has provided invaluable insights and knowledge of best practice and latest thinking in relation to this discipline.

Internal Communication examples

  • Writing and editing staff newsletters.
  • Developing communication programmes aimed at raising staff awareness, increasing commitment and encouraging particular behaviours.
  • Producing stories for a university intranet aimed at supporting a major change programme.
  • Writing speeches and other content on behalf of organisation leaders.
  • Writing and editing e-learning materials in support of employee awareness programmes.
  • Project managing a major membership survey to establish levels of satisfaction with the service and what members would value in future products and services.

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