Media Relations

Media Relations

Media Relations Consultant

We’re great at finding the stories, developing angles and dealing with your news in a way that shows we have a thorough understanding of the issues and your business.

Our relationship building with the media has encompassed specialist business and sector-specific (e.g. Management Today, PR Week, Human Resources Magazine, Local Government Chronicle, Municipal Journal); general interest print (e.g. the Telegraph. the Independent); broadcast media (e.g. BBC News, Radio 5 Live, You and Yours) and regional media.

We understand what interests the media, how they will respond to specific stories and how we can help you to best effect in your liaison with the press.

Media Relations examples

  • Numerous press releases and features, adapting style and content to meet the needs of specific media and audiences.
  • Dramatically increased media coverage for a trade association seeking to raise its public profile.
  • National general-interest media coverage for a body’s views on new regulation (BBC News, Radio 5).
  • National broadcast coverage (BBC Breakfast) for a press release for an organisation that faced challenges in attracting interest of national broadcast media.
  • Media relations activity led to approximately 85 appearances annually in specialist and regional media for a national awards scheme.
  • Ran press office for a local authority.
  • Acted as organisation’s spokesperson in interviews and discussions with a variety of media including local radio and newspapers, national newspapers, BBC TV, BBC Radio.
  • Used to acting as adviser to managers and organisation leaders on approach to media and when they are preparing to participate in interviews.

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