Publications / Content Management

Publications / Content Management

Content and Publications Management

Our strong track record in managing the production of publications and other types of content is based on our ability to understand the key issues; have limitless ideas; liaise effectively with all contributors and suppliers; be precise; and meet deadlines, whatever the challenges.

Areas of activity have included magazines, newsletter, e-zines, promotional literature, corporate material such as annual reports, and advertisements.

Publication examples

  • Editorial responsibilities for a major monthly journal encompassed scheduling, content development, liaison with contributors and suppliers. Also oversaw a complete re-design.
  • Launched a quarterly newspaper.
  • Launched and produced a monthly e-zine for a membership organisation.
  • Produced an e-book on trends in internal communication.
  • Produced an annual directory, comprising regular features, a range of articles, company listings and advertising.
  • Came up with the concept for and developed a number of publications, aimed at members and their clients.
  • Developed new processes and design strategies for the production of an annual report, leading to a considerably improved publication. Also wrote and/or edited all content.

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